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Tommy's Story

Friends, many of you know Tommy’s story. But hopefully, some new friends are reading this,

or it is being used by an old friend who wants to share the story of Tommy’s strength and faith.


In 2009, we pulled together as a community in support of Tommy. He had been struck by a terrible tragedy, a fall that left him paralyzed from a severe spinal cord injury. He spent two years between Fayetteville and Denver, enduring surgeries, fighting infections, and battling countless health set-backs.


Your generous support helped establish the Van Zandt Family Trust that has made it possible for Tommy to take on multiple rehabilitation programs and overwhelming home health care and non-covered medical expenses.


Fast forward…the last couple of years illustrates the story of Tommy’s success. His health has been unusually stable for a vent-dependent quadriplegic. He is able to work approximately 3-4 hours a day, with constant assistance from caregivers. Tommy is a co-founding partner of Sage Partners in Fayetteville, AR, and continues to be a partial owner and Managing Partner.


Tommy uses his unique life perspective to minister to others, with hopes to change their views on daily life as well. Tommy has spoken to WorkMatters business ministries, John Brown University, CEO Executive Forums, and Push America raising money for underprivileged wheelchair users, to name only a few.


Join Tommy's Story

Tommy's Care

Tommy’s care today is another story. He requires monitoring around the clock because he can breathe only by using a ventilator. Tommy’s regimen requires 4 breathing treatments and 30 pills daily. Each morning, it takes two caregivers to get Tommy ready for work. Their enormous efforts get him fed, bathed, multiple therapies applied, dressed, and transported to work around 1:00 pm. Without this daily care, Tommy would be unable to maintain his work schedule and the quality of life he has today.


The cost of his medications, breathing equipment, medical equipment, and caregiving alone tops $20,000 every month. The daily tasks and dollars for care are daunting, but Tommy can do this -- with your help.


It’s been two years since our last event, we are asking you, our community of friends and partners, to come together again and give generously to help us replenish the Van Zandt Family Trust.

Our goal is this: together we raise $240,000 – to cover the expenses Tommy faces every single year.

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